Baby Inklings Alphabet Discovery DVD Video
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Inky Starr takes your baby on a musical journey through the alphabet on the Alphabet Discovery DVD and Video

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Baby Inklings: Alphabet Discovery is a delightful video DVD that introduces the alpahbet / ABC's to your baby!

Baby InklingsTM Alphabet Discovery is a delightful video that compliments your child’s intelligence. Each letter of the alphabet is introduced by an adult and repeated with children’s voices. Then, captivating video clips of an object beginning with that letter are matched with lively and diverse music keeping your child's attention. Your child will naturally want to repeat the letter and words, encouraging letter recognition and building vocabulary. Your child will also begin to develop a wonderful appreciation for music.

Baby InklingsTM invites you the share this musical journey with your child. Even parents enjoy watching and listening to this production! So sit back, and enjoy the show.


VisionTrek Studios LLC is the producer of the Baby Inklings DVD series